Never stop writing“. I still do. These are pieces of works. Mostly unfinished. But here’s a small glimpse for those of you who have enjoyed my work. I haven’t fed you recently. There are things to come.

“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.”
I’ve seen this a countless number of times. But it’s true. I never thought that meeting you would make you immortal but it has. The only thing about us that will last forever….

Then you wonder have I really let it go? Or have i just convinced myself I have and I’m gonna breakdown again any day now.

Us stupid hopeless romantics. We’re just that, hopeless. Or so full of hope that were hopeless in the eyes of others. So stupid to still believe that one day we will still finally decide to make it work.

We talked about us. And Love
Us & Love. They are one and the same. Well they were… Still are

I say this to say “we were always perfect in moments”. Seems the everLAsting Love we share(d) will only live infinitely in those moments. So now I press on with only the memories left. Searching for the piece to fill the void that only you fit.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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