Jimmy Carlin – Flippity Flop Pit Stop (MYSTERY SKATEBOARDS)

found this at E-Dub‘s internets home. This is some of the best skating I’ve ever seen. SUPER TECH!

**now I want to start skating again more than ever

Trick List for you non skating ignit bastids
-the chetty thomas (Ghetto Bird)
-chill out (fakie fs full cab)(no hands)
-psycho white boy (late backfoot varial flip)
-chopper style (nolie 540 bigspin flip)
-fish out of water ( fakie dolphin flip)
-shark attack ( fakie 360 inward heel)
-double dolphin (double dolphin (forward) flip)
-ollie imposter (impossible flip)
-uptown kickdown (full cab late flip)


I love chocolate. dark, milk, sweet, semi sweet, dark dark, even white (although technically it’s not chocolate). I love chocolate women. Delicious. Why people sleep on dark chocolate (candy and women) is beyond me. People don’t like ish they ain’t familiar with. That sweet bitter taste (candy) is amazing. Fuck I even get down with Chocolate Skateboards! Y’all better step it up and eat some chocolate and fuck a dark skinned broad! Do both at the same time for extra credit

*subject courtesy of a very unchocolate woman whom shares my love of dark chocolate

Food For Thought

simpsons_handshakeI drop many a duece at work and while doing so I’ve noticed something. Hardly anyone washes they hands after using the restroom. Whether they are pissing or dropping a load, I rarely hear them walk over and wash their filthy hands. Moral of the story: be careful who you hi5, shake hands, etc with at work. Could get some urine or poo residue. and that aint right