Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings [video]

This is the soundtrack to my wonderful morning. I guess I can wait for the new ish he’s dropping. He previewed and sang a few songs during a DJ set I caught at SXSW and I was losing my shit.

** I realize this came out last August. I just wanted to share my morning tunes with you jerks

Graveyard: Night Time

On the graveyard shift. Took a ten minute nap. Signed the field sup’s paper. Come back. Night Time is playing. I can’t figure out exactly why but when this song plays I think of you. It’s weird. It’s good though. There’s just not a specific reason. It’s amazing. So I guess you are too. *winks* maybe it’s because like the summer, the night belongs to us…

**funny when fans put “XX” when it’s supposed to be lowercase. Fans huh? Pffft