J.Lately x Nima Fadavi – Fly With Us [FREE EP]

Oakland rhymesayer J.Lately and Bay Area beatsmith Nima Fadavi have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest collaborative street release, the Fly With Us EP. The follow-up to 2012’s original album, One Way Ticket, the project packs a total of five original jams from the emcee/producer duo, including the project’s DJBooth reader-approved title track. Rey Resurreccion makes the sole guest appearance on the project, which is produced entirely by Fadavi

J.Lately x Nima Fadavi – Fly With Us [FREE EP]

Relief, the feeling is fleeting
There is no real relief
Not until I’ve made amends
Balancing myself with you is tougher than I anticipated
But something I’m intent on mastering
I also wonder at what point anything I do is accepted.
If you don’t accept the little things you won’t accept the bigger ones either.
Then your perception is skewed and everything I do is wrong, because you WANT it to be wrong
See the good and let the baby steps matter.
I try. do you care?
Enough is enough
But what is enough?
Everything? Nothing?
It’s a 2 way street. But you’re acting as if it’s one.
Give me an opening, lest I continue to aimlessly crash.

Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

My mans Zay finally dropped something with TDE. Now I gotta listen to see what songs he played us actually made it. It’s dope to see an artist you been a fan of for while make it. Especially when he’s been mad cool and shot me some shit on this joint over a year ago. One of the good guys climbing to the top; giving us all a little hope. Much success to you Zay

Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo


**i like the mix on Menthol but this 2nd verse? Ugh, c’mon zay!!!! I’ll stick to the OG version I have. One verse was enough.