Feelin You Feelin Me

By far my favorite alicia song. EVER. I remember in high school some chick asked my fav song on her CD. Feelin you feelin me was my response. She was all ‘it’s an interlude it can’t be your favorite’. Naw son. It’s fire. It’s super jazz infused r&b. Beautiful. Wish it was 10 minutes.

Weekend fun

Friday: Lil P scooped me from work (word to the girl Lil P!!) Went to the Convinced show. At first I wasnt gonna slide thru but he invited me. Got twisted before hand. Shouts to everyone I saw there. Convinced, echo, eazee, chris focus, prez, picaso, raven,Keturah, dnez, fresco, Los, and Beast(aka my ex, yeah she was looking beautiful, yeah I miss her…). Cool show. I told my dude Convinced to do Floss Angeles. He did his verse. I was gon jump on stage but not my thing. Afterwards kicked it with fresco and beast and Los and focus. Me and focus put one in the air. Superfaded! FTJ! GDPN!

Saturday: recovery. Fresco scooped me up. Met coop and chooch. Cool ppls. Drank wit em. Watched purple rain. We dipped. Then got WASTED!!! Like super white boy wasted! Gucci! Lol

Sunday: fooseball. Funny argument with fresco, his bro and they ppl. More booze.