6/12/09 – 2/16/14

I’m not so sure she feels so “lucky” to have known and Loved me. Sure she has the relief though. Hank and Karen in such a bad way.

Atticus: The woman that you love is out there and you know you can’t have her. How do you even get up in the morning?
Hank: Well the booze is always helpful and so is the art. Everything that I write is either for her or about her. So I’m with her, even when I’m not.

And that’s really all that will be left. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never spoke again. That’s life. The life I created with my poor decisions. I will say, I don’t think you ever did or would’ve accepted me and all my flaws as I accepted yours. There’s more, but that’s all I feel the need to say now. Or maybe ever will.

Sam VS Otis

I’m sure hidden away in the archives Otis did his own rendition of every Sam Cooke song. I’m not mad about it at all. Otis’ interpretations seem to have a different way about them. More hurt. More Love. More pain. You feel them differently. But I still rock with the OG Sam. I can’t quite describe why. I just know it in my heart. Maybe one day I’ll find an Otis version I find superior. Until then, Sam is the KANG! Take that, Devs!