Longing for… anything

I long for the depression cuz at least I’ll feel something
Happiness is gone so I’m in a state nothing
I tried hating you.
I tried hating me
Now I’m praying to a god who I don’t believe
Take me into the dark or to where my mind is finally free
This is not where I’m supposed to be
This is not what I need
If I can’t find you how can I follow your lead?
I’m blindfolded traveling in uncharted waters
Thus far the new path has lead me to nowhere
I lied everytime I said I don’t care

Coming down… Again

My buzz in coming down
That means I’m wanting YOU
No more drugs for me to drown
So baby where are YOU?
With him
And my love’s meant nothing to you for very long
And though you’ve been gone
Your grip on me is still very strong
I’ve stopped fighting it
Goin with the flow.
I pray for death knowing I’ll never let you go