Bad Rabbits – Eyes On You (live at SXSW)

Posting has been slow cuz no one is sending me shit worth posting and I haven’t been writing. ANYWHO. Here is a video of Bad Rabbits from SXSW. I wasn’t at THIS show but I did catch them. They were probably my favorite part of SXSW. Especially cuz I had no idea they were at the showcase where I caught them. They even performed NEW songs like the one above.


I was reminded of your existence today. But you no longer exist in my world. So much for “trying”. I was foolish to believe you. Glad I know now for sure. You lost no sleep over me. I lost plenty over you. You were next. I know it. I’m happy to see the reality of it all. It’s just too bad. *shrugs*

Back to square one. Hope SHE will meet me there….