Bowties & Rosaries by Overdoz

found at creamie says [II]. Bowties & Rosaries is the new mixtape from overdoz. I’m def feeling the artwork. its not an overwhelmingly great mixtape, but its not bad. The singing, which sounds like its done by the rapper, is not bad at all. I might say he should do an all R&Bish type cd/mixtape and it’d probably work better. Roses & Daises and neckbreaker (beat is hard) are my favorite tracks. Shouts to Byron!

**click image for the download

Miss Jack Davey

what’s up with my current obsession with skinny broads? I normally like em thick with a fat ass and big chimmys… anyway, like I briefly mentioned a couple posts ago, miss jack davey is the new #1 on the hit list (cassie had recently took the spot, REPLACED). I saw Miss Jack Davey in person a while ago, but I froze up!! I shoulda asked for a pic or at least said Hi…pathetic. Anyway her beauty is unsurpassed (at least for today). So this goes out to you miss davey. I just wanna take you on a ride tonight