Danny! – Where Is Danny?

So Danny sent me this last week to enjoy cuz he’s fuckin awesome. Well someone decided to leak it and Danny decided “fuck it let everyone hear it”. I must say. its incredible.  I think Von Pea’s take on it is PERFECT. I said on twitter that some artists make music for my ears. Danny! is one of those artists. Although it seems everytime he releases something there’s always some BS as to why it gets constantly delayed (see: And I Love H.E.R.) but the end product is always worth the wait. Where Is Danny? is no different. My only complaint is I wish the joint never ended. I DON’T review anything here cuz my opinion about albums change from the moment I hear it to the 10000th spin.  Just do your self a favor and grab this ish!

Danny! – Where is Danny? | Usershare | Mediafire

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One-2 – Success to Me f. El Prez (prod. Komplex)

El Prez continues his assault on the rap game. I been saying since early this year (when i was still blogspot) he’s gunnin for the #1 MC of the year spot. And GOD DAMN if this verse aint cement it. Animal Style or not. Unless the last month of this year is crazy El Prez will get that #1 spot (at least round these parts)

One-2 – Success to Me f. El Prez (prod. Komplex)

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