daily deuce (6)

bugs-bunny-last-supperI was just thinking about if I was on death row, is that whole you can have anything you want for your last meal ish true. Regardless, I really can’t figure what I’d want to have. First thing that comes to mind is homemade fried chicken mashed papas and mac & cheese. Or maybe red velvet cake. or red velvet cheesecake. and to drink a dr pepper or mountain dew blue?. . . idk. Normally I eat based on what I feel like having. So what if I’m in the mood for Kung Pao Chickens. Could they hooked that up? either way I think it’d be between fried chickens, red velvet cheesecake or chinese foods.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J “High Power Moves” Album Artwork x “The Word” Interview

Flo Deep Music Group presents “The Word” radio show hosted by Radio Ramone on www.lvrocks.com.  Radio Ramone interviews the West Covina duo Hawdwerk & Jansport J on their musical influences, Los Angeles hip hop, and their debut album High Power Moves which is presented by 2dopeboyz and Kevin Nottingham.  Grab the link below!