14KT -Podium [video] 

You know how for so long S1 was considered a mega dope producer that doesn’t get enough credit until Kanye scooped him up? I feel like 14kt is that right now. [i mean along with a great number of others]. 

This is off Elelator which dropped in October. 

Jansport J – blackwhitegoldville [preview + preorder]


Jansport J got a new project on deck. You can preview a track with my future baby mama Mélat and pre-order the joint now. 

Jansport J – blackwhitegoldville [preview + preorder]

blackwhitegoldville represents the personal growth of Jansport J over the past 2 years. It is by all accounts and intentions, his most personal album to date. The colors black and white symbolize the classic aesthetic, gold, a standard bearer – reinforcing the idea of forever and “ville” representing a metaphysical presence in a state of mind.

The album creates a soundscape to his dealings with all aspects of his life over a period of time spent mostly in solitude, from the conscious to the subconscious realms, and his resolution in moving forward from the darkness.