OFWGKTA @ Hollywood Palladium

I already knew shit would go down. But kids moshing to jazz music before the show started? Siiiiiiiccccckkkkk Bro (c) Tyler. They definitely changed their set up. Last time it was much more organized. Now they just do whatever songs they want in any order. Kinda awesome. Syd plays an opening DJ set. Killer one at that. Plenty flocka. She played STARSTRUCK by Santigold. I was hype. Everyone dumbed out. But I could tell they didn’t actually know the song. Tyler brought out The Game!! Martians and Goblins went in! He brought out that new Young Nigga to perform. Frank Ocean was there for She. Then he rocked Novacane. Yes he had that stupid ass headband. I pushed my way to the front. Moshed a bit. Then fought my way back to the back via moshing lol. Then after I regrouped I moshed my way back to the front. overall a crazy fun filled success! I defintely punched strangers (shouts to beast lol). And I had random boobies in my hands! LOL

*oh and after the show I was on the Lean. Had me sittin sideways. Then knocked me the fuck out!

**HonkyKong (fresco) missed another show. And again @NelsonWaters took his place lol.


Almost 2 years to the day when I was last at the palladium… One of the BEST nights of my life. One that was meant to be

We found a parking spot a few blocks away (we hate(d) payin for parking). We stood near the back of the joint. Had a good view. Common. &. (superduper) Friends. I know ima forget who all came out. But De La. CuDi. DOOM!!!! Kanye. BlackStar. (I shed tears to History). Queen Latifah. Nas. Luda. Heavy D. And others I surely forgot. We danced. We shared that night. We shared each other. We shared music. We shared LOVE. Love….