I was gonna write this at work. But I was interrupted by work lol. So, Thursday. Not as good as HOB. The writing, the production, overall cohesiveness, vocal arrangement…. HOB was phenomenal. That being said, Thursday is still a gem. The big thing for ms? Versatility. He flexes it hard. While not entirely cohesive, each song stands well alone. Most differ in sound and tempo. Look no further than The Birds Pt 1 & 2 to see the drastic difference in each sound scape. Then onto gone (a 2 part song in the vain of Party/afterparty) into Rolling Stone into Heaven or Las Vegas. Each with different sound and tempo. He’s showing you the range of his sound along with the deftness of his songwriting. Pop/r&b/soul/hiphop/etc. He’s a strong character that should stay around whether behind the scenes or on center stage. (I ignored the first part of the album cuz I don’t wanna write anymore lol)

*gone is prolly my favorite track. Or maybe birds pt2….