Broncos 3-0 on all you hoes!

Another dominate performance. Notice to say really. Peyton threw where eve he wanted whenever he wanted. Set a career high for completion % in a game at 87% and broke one them fake/arbitrary NFL records (most passing TDs in first 3 games with 12). Decker and Welker didn’t suffer from the dropsies which is a good sign. Dominate defensive performance with Bailey missing a 3rd straight game. My guess is he is chillin cuz we killin. But depending on the severity of Tony Jackson’s injury we might need him to come back in case we get thin in the secondary. Pass rush looked good too. 3 down, 3 to go, Von Miller. Positive for the scum of the earth (aka the raiders): Pryor looks damn good. Going forward there’s a lot of potential. They have a dynamic young receiving core. I like the rookie Hayden. He’s gonna be a good one. But that’s it. They need A LOT of help but this year is kinda just a stop-gap. Maybe next year we renew the rivalry cuz y’all suck.


Broncos are very based in wk 1 victory

Peyton Manning aka the Forehead aka the based gawd tied the NFL record for TD passes in a game with 7!!! (And I was playing against him in fantasy FUCKING WOMP). The Broncos looked pretty damn good on both sides of the ball. Our running game didnt look as strong as last year but this is only one game and we haven’t settled the rotatio yet. Defensively, we looked pretty stout. Especially when you consider our too 2 defensive players were out (Von Miller and Champ Bailey). Great way to start the season. WOOOOOO #BroncosNation

*ps. I’m gonna try and start to cover more sports. Whether tidbits or full on write ups. I read watch and analyze so much I might as well give yalls my thoughts.

USA wins basketball gold

Alert. Cuz I’m dumb I’m skipping to the 2nd half. I missed the beginning and I couldnt find the proper link to stream it.

Once I finally go it on the effn Spanish team was up by 2 and playing tough. I didn’t think their post presence was gonna be as much of a factor as it was. I mean, sure, we are pretty undersized but think about Miami’s small ball lineup that won the NBA title. Spain was smart they fouled early to prevent as many fast break opportunities as possible. Shit, even times when we didn’t have a great advantage they still fouled. Trying to keep in the half court. Marc Gasol had four fouls in the 3rd so he sat for a long while. But Pau had 15 straight points for Spain so it’s not like they were at a disadvantage. As usual the US relied on our up & down three point shooting. Durant was on fire. And Lebron continued his stellar SUPERGODPOINTFOWARDCENTER role. Rebounding. Facilitating. Defending bigs. Hitting 3’s. Ibaka was extremely under utilized during the entire olympic tournament. The US guard prevented the spanish guards for gettin into any rhythm. They did not hit a single 3 ptr the entire 2nd half. Which which seriously hindered their ability to get any significant lead. I’m certain if they had hit a fair percentage, they might’ve pulled the upset. They were back and forth until they could hit a shot. Then Lebron scored a quick 5 PTs on a dunk and step back trey. Which took a 4 pt lead to a 9pt lead. Durant nailed a couple 3’s and the game was sealed. The Spanish team cut the lead to 6 against the reserves in the final 30 seconds but it was just cosmetic. Plus Harden managed to miss 3 straight FTs to help the cause.

*this was supposed to be up yesterday. Sorry bestía.
**photo nabbed from got em coach

México wins The Gold in Fútbol


Mexico scored a goal within 30s of the start of the game! Holy fuck. A nameless idiot Brasil defender held the ball for no reason then made a lazy pass that was stolen and passed ahead. Then Peralta hit a sweet shot to the near post to open the scoring. For most of the game Mexico sagged back and played a defensive counter attack style. With their best offensive player out (Giovanni Dos Santos, whose half Brazilian) I wasn’t mad. Neymar never got loose in the first half. They swarmed him at every touch. Brasil made a huge mistake in not playing the 55million dollar man Lucas. When he came in late, brasil’s attack instantly got more aggressive and they scored. The first half was mostly a bore. But the 2nd?! Brasil came out with a vengeance determined to score. Neymar started getting loose. Making moves, passes and taking shots only world class players are allowed to get away with. But alas Mexico’s defense held strong. They sagged back and crowded box on just about every effort by the Selecao. Hulk was being quite fancy and crafty with the rock but couldn’t close the deal. Even took an ambitious shot on a free kick. Then in the 75th minute, with Brasil’s offensive line up in, Mexico scored on a set piece. Peralta met a cross unmarked for his 2nd goal. Brasil pressed. Mexico BARELY missed a 3rd goal on spectacular half chilena on an open goal. Hit top post. Brasil pressed again with Pato and Lucas in. Hulk got a nice goal on a breakaway with his weak foot. Then on a cross in the final moments of extra time Oscar missed a WIDE OPEN header to seal the gold for Mexico. Great final.
¡Viva México! ¡Oro, putas! Te quiero, bestia.