CJ Ross taking indefinite leave. The world to her: “and don’t come back! … Bitch!”

And according to this here report on ESPN the current scum of the sports world, and rightfully so, CJ Ross (pictured above), will stepping down. It’s “indefinitely” so that bitch could come back. I don’t foresee a situation where she’d be chosen to judge a big fight. BUT this boxing where they seem to Love shooting themselves in the foot. Alas, the wicked witch is gone, for now, so let us rejoice and sing merry songs.

A Quick Look: Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner’s over the top brash arrogance, flamboyant personality and nonstop mouth piece are all a carbon copy of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He even kind of sort of looks like him too, which quite frankly is pretty creepy. Like he’s some sort of failed clone. Or some illegitimate half brother. I digress. He’s a world class talent in the 130lb division (I can see him toping out later in his career at 140). He’s 24-0 with 20 KO’s, and get this HE’S ONLY 22! (23 at the end of the week).
Make no mistake about it, he’s in it for the cash and fame. That’s why you see this bravado. He wants to be BIGGER than boxing. Transcendent. Just like Floyd. Even non-boxing fans tune in. They want to see him lose. Imagine that? People PAY to hope to see you fall from the top. Broner understands this. He wants this attention. He sees that Floyd is by far the biggest draw in the sport (Pacquaio’s PPV numbers aren’t even close). So for Broner to pattern his behavior after the biggest star in the fighting world is not a bad move. The only problem I have is I see right through it. Why are people afraid to just be an individual. He can still be a huge personality without being EXACTLY like Floyd.
On boxing talents alone? He’s a beast! Speed. power. quickness. Defense (shoulder roll A La Floyd). He’s the total package at 130. Plus he’s 5’7″, so moving up to 135 and even all the way to 140 won’t be a huge problem (depending who he’s fighting). I haven’t seen him in much trouble. We’ll see if he can fight against the ropes and be dominant (again, like Floyd). In a nutshell he’s Floyd Mayweather Jr Jr.
He’s on his way to becoming a big draw. He walked out with Waka Flocka this weekend. Everyone will begin to take notice. It’s also too early in his career to be missing weight. Floyd get 30+ million. Missing weight isn’t a huge deal. You’re a young up and coming star who was only getting 300k. Don’t be an idiot. Not just yet. Let us enjoy a reign of dominance first. I don’t know who promotes him but it’d be awfully smart to fight on the undercard of Money May’s next fight. Unless he feels that’ll hinder his own star and everyone will see where he gets his act. Still though, the exposure would be phenomenal. We’ll see where he goes from here. He made me think/feel strongly enough to write a dissertation for no other reason but to get down my thoughts as a life long fan of the sport. Here’s to hoping Adrien Broner makes a big name for himself, and isn’t remembered as Floyd Mayweather Jr Jr. A wannabe; he’s far more than that.