The best gift ever.

This was gifted to me Xmas 03. Junior year of high school. By Hinna. I believe me and Hinna got close sometime sophomore year. She took the time to get to know and understand me. Maybe that’s why she put up with a lot of my childish BS. Anyway, on the last day of school before break she gave me a gift bag. I had to walk around all day with it and hear questions on the bus and I also believe we had a basketball game that night. Everyone was curious as to the contents and the nature of our relationship for that matter. Both were none of their business. Although, me and Hinna were just friends (sidebar: I always felt if I ACTUALLY persued her I would’ve gotten a chance at heartbreak). Eventually I opened the gift. It was a blanket, pillow, and teddy bear. The reasoning? I wasn’t allowed to go home most nights and had to find a place to stay. So she gave me something to have on my journeys and a way to feel at home no matter where I went. Needless to say I didn’t take them with me everyday. When you’re on the go you pack essentials and pack light. For me this meant my CD player, batteries and cd’s. BUT this was the sweetest, most thoughtful and most significant gift I have EVER received. It’s a gesture that I hold close and am reminded of every holiday season. Hinna, I love you. Wherever you are I hope you are happy and enjoying success in life.

Love: For.E.Ver!

It seems Love is only something I’m allowed to have and enjoy in pieces. The puzzle never quite comes together. I Love those pieces with all my heart. I realize that I may never complete that picture. It might not be for me to accomplish. Some of those pieces I’ve covered with gold. They deserve to stand out, even if only in memory. And this piece right HERE? I want you to have, for always. Keep it somewhere safe. But keep it close. We may never make contact again, but know you’ll always have that part of me with you. You may need it to get to you thru something. you may need it to laugh to yourself on a rough day. you may need it on a day where you’re reminising on good times. You deserve it. I’ll be fine without it. And with the pieces I have left? I’ll just slap em together and call it art. Art is Love. Love is forever. I am forever.