Effsing Antwuan Dixon!

So today I saw fuckin ANTWUAN DIXON on the green line! I said something to him and he looked confused. But then he realized I knew who he was and said “oh you asked that cuz I’m out of jail? Yeah I’m filming some new shit. Gettin back to it”. He gave a polite nod when he got off the train. Cool dude. I wanted to just fuckin scream and take a picture with him and tell him how I been watching his old video parts recently. But naw. It’s cool. Met one of my skating idols so I’m still fuckin stoked.

*this is the 2nd time I met someone I’m a HUGE fan of and kept it lowkey. 1st was Caron Butler at Disneyland earlier in the year. And at SXSW I pretty much stanned on everyone lol