Mélat – konjo

My boo Mélat is going native here. I spent a lot time in an east African household from 12-27. In high school I could’ve deciphered these words without the need for translation. Real talk. 

Inspired by my first language of Amharic, I’m thrilled to present “konjo” produced by Pha The Phenom, which translates to “beautiful” in the language of Ethiopia.
“A sweet sexy track, Mélat moves through the beat telling her dude how that one word is all he needs to make her feel good. Take a ride with Mélat into her bilingual world..”
It was partially terrifying, partially exciting to create and release this song. But it is a huge part of who I am, and to the growing number of wonderful people with me for the long haul towards success, this is for y’all. ❤ 

Mélat – konjo

Ps. She’s Ethiopian. The homie is Eritrean. 

Lessondary – Never 2ndary [Video]

Again. I NEVER thought this album and even mixtape would ever happen. But what? Like 8 years later. Hear we are. I mean this song was recorded for fucking BROOLYNATI!! 

#Never2ndary mixtape here

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