RIP Kimbo 

Me and my bro REALLY wanted to see Kimbo succeed in the MMA game. In some ways, technically, he was. If they had just gave him bangers or he had come up earlier in the MMA game he could’ve made REAL noise. But even bangers didn’t wanna stand toe to toe with the gawd. A street fighter (turned pro) and trained pros didn’t want it. That says a lot. 


Today is my anniversary. I was/am gonna post some shit I wrote last year about some shit that happened almost 4 years ago. But that shit is long. And I wrote it on paper. So I gotta transcribe it and that’s not fun. So come back and this post will be completely edited with that instead of this. 

I’m gonna be good to you

That sample search was also a (painful) reminder I got Her (yeah, HER) an I’m Still in Love With You vinyl a couple years ago. And it was not JUST for the sake of Simply Beautiful being on there. It was more the narrative and message of the album as a whole. I’d give the same gift this time around. Original pressing though.

Ps. That gift also included an OG pressing of Miles Davis My Funny Valentine. Sometimes I was really good. Sometimes.

RIP Capital STEEZ. a king among men

Read this piece on The Fader bout STEEZ. It’s incredible. Eye opening. We’ll never have the answers we want but it certainly provides more closure to some and answers a few questions. RIP STEEZ

now were a month short from the one year anniversary of his passing but this is still important.

Now I dug STEEZ verses on Joey shit. But I just left it at that. Until SHE told me to check his tape. AmeriKKKan Korruption. And WOW. after that Joey didn’t even exist to me anymore. Cuz in Pro Era I knew STEEZ was THAT dude. I was disappointed when I got Reloaded cuz I had thought it was ALL new songs. But at least we got 7. And when the group tape dropped his verse on Like Water was magical. I IMMEDIATELY cut STEEZ verse into a ringtone (one I still have). Then a couple days later on I’m graveyard and I see the tweets. “The End” then I see Joey’s tweeters. And that’s it. No REAL answers about anything until that article. STEEZ, you are missed.