Picaso “Where My Homiez 2010”

Here is the last leak off Picaso’s “The Artz Dealer” mixtape dropping June 1st.. It’s a remake of the classic Ill Al Skratch “Where My Homies” song. “Where My Homiez 2010” feat. Language Artz artist Thr33zy McFly & A.T.. ENJOY!
Picaso “Where My Homiez 2010” feat. Thr33zy McFly & A.T

*due to tech difficulties, I just used the dopehouse link and pic.


Drunk blogging live from dennys. These niggas outta control.
Where’s fresco and soulful when you need em? Love my niggas

Wanna call you, not a good idea.

*this shit took me too long to get right