Everything Is Going Fine

I got my hands by side I said ‘bye’, wow didn’t see you in a while that was nice, I must admit a few feelings reawoke, after all it’s been it a while since we spoke, my how times flies I wanna rewind it, I’m still standin here thinkin bout yo fineness, so you say you got a new man in your life, that’s nice, but deep down I really wanna cry, but even though that’s sensitive it’s hard now to admit it, cuz when we broke up something inside me shifted, I thought I had it figured out, but now I don’t get it, I figured if you saw me again then you’ll feel it, I suppose I was wrong did we switch apparel can somebody turn on some Ella Fitzgerald, so now the moon is high I wanna howl at it, cupid done betrayed me again how bout it, now maybe I’m naive maybe I should leave I’m standing here the whole time rubbin on my sleeve, I feel like I never get the girl like Steve, it irks me out when your perfume leans and grabs on to my snout you flirt you tease, get out – get out, my mind, ok, well fine, what you say, you tryin to make me lose ain’t you, I bet you think I ain’t the recipe for danger that you lookin for, actually I’m layin in the fuckin boat up shit’s creek, and no it ain’t the best feelin but I heard somebody mention that the fishin ain’t too bad if you mess with it, so admit it are we that different?, gravity is not really a fact is it? Well how would you explain why I’m fallin, huh, how would you explain why I’m fallin…. In love with you, I’m fallin in love with you I’m fallin in love with you I’m fallin in love with you I’m fallin in love with you. . . Stay fallin in love with you Stay fallin in love with you


Merry Mommy Day

Shout out all the mommies at there!

Especially all the mommies I know and love
Moms, my auntie(RIP), and my grandmother. All raised me. They were all tough. And very loving and special. I could gush and share stories for the rest of time (but who couldn’t?)

Special shout to Soulful (she don’t wanna be linked but she ain’t hard to find) and her mama. 2 lovely wonderful mothers and people. Who have also had a profound impact on my life