My thoughts on the oscars

Justin timberlake declaring he was in fact Banksy? Hilarious

Natalie Portman. I forgot she married(or is engaged) to the guy that dropped her in black swan. I’d still skeet her forehead up.

Mila kunis seems to be the new industry whore. Now that she ain’t with that guy who Michael Jackson fucked when he was a kid

I’m still sick.

Anne Hathaway is NOT funny

Franco crossdressed and dissing Charlie sheen? Again. HILARIOUS

The speeches this year are so fuckin incredibly long! Wrap it up B!

**I don’t think it’s over. But I stopped caring when Anne Hathaway first opened her stupid face.


I been at this for a little over 3 years now. I was planning something nice for my 2000th post. but that was like 40 posts ago and I wasn’t paying attention. well. I’ll think of something and get back to you. a giveaway prolly. I’m sure I know who’s gonna win. (not cuz it’s predetermined but look who actively comments the most! ha!)