Improbable and Impossible

I want the impossible. Not you to be without. You are like no other and if some fagstick can’t see that. His loss. And kinda yours since you were feelin it. (lol). Ok not funny (well a little). So. Here’s to my dream and to your love.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

2 thoughts on “Improbable and Impossible”

  1. I love you. For this type of shit. (DISCLAIMER: Yeah, I’m not as horrible as the victim he makes himself sound to be. I love him.) But what I hate is. I hate that all the good girls will pass you by because I’m the best you ever had. Then, my effortless work on you will end up w/someone less worthy. & I’ll always ask myself, “Why couldn’t I get THAT side of him? What’s she got?” Here’s to your love, Druw. May you find her. Hope she easily wipes out the memory you have of me.

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