Merry new year

I just got in to work. Whatever tho. Y’all MF’s enjoy the night. Celebrate. Whatever. Just be safe. I don’t want to get no calls that anything happened to youse guys. I don’t believe in the arbitrary marking of a new year to mark accomplishment or new beginning. But this past year was a hell of a fuckin ride. And has ended with a confusing bang. Let’s see what happens next… (why the picture down below? Idk lol my girl from uptown liked it)


I’m too far in this game to let go

I’ve given serious thought to destroying myself to see if it saves you. Or at least gives you one less thing to think about. But I feel like I’d be quitting. Quitting myself, and worse yet, quitting you. It’s not fair to myself. I don’t think it’s fair to you either. It’s not exactly fair either way. Now, later or until/if something comes of it. It’s fuckin early in the game but I stil hope you’re trying to be open and giving it thought. I mean to get to the discussion we had. you had to be OPEN. You felt it. So LET’S FEEL IT!