Quelle Chris – Ghost At The Finish Line [video]

Dropped yesterday. Mello Music Group slaying us with the ill hiphop releases. M-M-M-M-Mello Music.
Quelle Chris – Ghost At The Finish Line

Artist/writer/producer Quelle Chris presents his third full length album, Ghost at the Finish Line, a 13 track look into art, life, and the illusions that blur the two. This time the hip-hop renegade brings collaborations with Alchemist, Guilty Simpson, House Shoes, Black Milk and more. The album features production from Oh No, Knxwledge, Denmark Vessey, Chris Keys and Quelle Chris himself.
Every rapper’s favorite rapper, Quelle is a true artists’ artist. The guy breaths creativity and knows no distinction between his life and his art. Having just finished a 25 city tour with Black Milk, Quelle is well known for having produced some of Danny Brown’s biggest tracks. He creates concepts and directs ultra-creative video concoctions like Greene Eyes & We Eat It.

Raven Sorvino – Trill Bitches [video]

Shouts to Raven and @FollowTheScript. I was in the guy opening the door and getting my hat knocked off. Fun fact. They made me fall like 2938338377 times to use that little bit. Got a NICE bruise on my hip. Acting credit tho right? Haha. That was a dope ass day. Had some REAL convos wit folks. Peace my mans and them Willie B.