Tanya Morgan – “Eulogy” [video]

Have you copped Rubber Souls yet?! It’s so fires son. It has such a nostalgic hiphop sound but it doesn’t sound dated at all! It’s a bit different to the sound I’ve become accustomed to but it’s refreshing!

Armand Hammer – Race Music


Any & everything Elucid does is just perfect. He’s amazing. Remember when Von Pea ran into Elucid on Euclid and said “Yo son you do’s it” and Elucid responded “son you stupid”? I do.

It is rare that two acclaimed solo artists, each just reaching their creative prime, come together to create something completely new. Nevertheless, two of NYC’s most innovative MCs, billy woods and Elucid, have joined forces as Armand Hammer. Their visionary debut ‘Race Music’ was released on October 22, 2013. Featuring production from Blue Sky Black Death, Marmaduke, Steel Tipped Dove, A.M. Breakups and more!

Armand Hammer – Race Music