This is about ME

I don’t remember who I was talkin to bout my lifestyle change but a nigga was like ‘what you tryin to eat better and exercise for?’ like it’s not cool for me to wanna do right by myself. Pissed me off. I need a reason to wanna be better?! Fuck that. I been trying damn hard to turn my life around. And this is one of the few things I truly control in my life. It’s not some boss at work promising me something and not coming thru. It’s not a new potential employer ‘sticking their neck out for me’, only for their boss to stomp on my hopes. It’s not her or her or you. This is about ME. And I can control whether I’m a lazy fat fuck or a slightly less fat and less lazy semi in shape piece of shit. Then hopefully I’ll evolve back to my 06 self. 15-20 lbs lighter. And in good shape. Not hard. Not entirely easy. I also read & write for fuckin recreation now. Play video games WAAY less. Try to be as optimistic as possible while still being a realist. And they say ppl don’t change? Fuck you. I’m a better person. I won’t apologize for that.