$100 million man

Michael Vick signed a 6yr 100mil with around 40mil guaranteed! I’m happy he’s made a comeback. One of my fav players ever. Since VaTech. It’s absurd the punishment he got for dog fighting. I love dogs. And I want to attend a dog fight. Moral of the story? You kill dogs. You get rich!!! Bitch!

Love runs deep

You ever Have a convo with the woman of your dreams? The one in your dreams. The one you wake up thinking about every morning. The love of your life. The ONE. you ever have that convo where you tell her to let go of her inhibitions. Of the past. Of her hurt. And just LOVE. Because her love is so beautiful and unmatched and amazing and a true gift. To not waste an opportunity that she truly feels. And she agrees. But you’re not talking about her loving you. You’re talking about her loving him? Yeah well. I love her so much. That I’ll stop at nothing to bring her back to seeing her greatness. Even when it means that THEY live happily ever after. . .

Te amo