Journeys of a writer

If you look on the right. That Wasted Talent ‘banner’. Click it. And purchase a very inspiring body of work. This is NOT a solicitation post. This book further inspired my writing. He has given me plenty of advice (thru the magic of tweeter). Most of which amounts to me letting go and living thru the pen. Pain, suffering etc. Must be fought thru. So I can rightfully express myself whether I’m sharing or not.
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Forever was in our hearts

Were under the stars. Your eyes are like the moon. Light twinkles off you then we make contact. There’s no one else in the room. Put your head in my chest looking for my embrace. I comply. Our love is perfect. I’m ready to die. Us together. Too fuckin fly. Forever was in our hearts. NEVER to say goodbye. So many reasons to stay. So many reasons to go. Broken promises abound. Love lost it’s glow.