I need you to get out. I need you to dig deep inside yourself and let it ALL out.
When you need someone to lean on. People are there. we’re all here for you. Figure it out. Cuz I need you to be great. I need you to break out. I need you to be over the moon. Within yourself! I want you to be happy. Not just happy. But HAPPY! I saw the pain. I suffered with you. I’ll suffer for you. As long as you continue to grow, leave it all behind and let go. You gotta figure it out though. And find an outlet. I’ve seen every beautiful part of you, and it’s never gonna sit well with me that you’re not where you should be. My business or not (not). 1 step at a time. Little by little. I’m sure you’ll get it. I’m not worried. I’d just like to hear that you’re doing fucking INCREDIBLE outside and IN.

Te quiero mucho