Love you. Love me?

I don’t think you was ever fuckin with me like that. And whatever ‘feelings’ you possess(ed) don’t mean shit. Cuz you ain’t trying to act on em. I was just a place holder. Ima hold my tongue on some other shit. And hell I could be wrong but seriously doubt it. It’s a fuckin shame too, cuz me and you fucking connect. You know it.

Such a barren wasteland love is. I don’t think Love is meant for me. I’m not meant to be loved. I’m meant to love others without reciprocation. I had a small taste of forever. Haven’t been able to let go since

More thoughts from the graveyard

My homegirl child bday is today (the 1st) sidebar: I know like 28283 ppl with August Bdays. Not all you fags are getting gifts… Anyway. Lucky little nigga gets that car to cruise in and get bitches.

I think a lot of where I am today is not because of understanding. It’s because of acceptance. Acceptance has furthered my growth. Was very hard. Still is. But I’ll win. Cuz I HAVE to make it..

I have some good people around me. People that care, but you all will never know what goes on in my mind. I say I don’t trust ANYONE for a reason.

All these @Rochelle_Jordan tracks I BEEN had are starting to drop. Bout time. (and Maddy a MF liar sayin he had heard a track I played when it didn’t drop till yesterday…)

With all this dope music around. I’m back in my mode of ‘I don’t wanna listen to any of this shit’. Meaning it’s a very select few things I wanna hear at specific times. sometimes I just have shuffle on cuz I hate sitting in silence.

“you took me from the reality of how much I hate being me”