U-N-I – Lately remix video ‘premieres’ on mtv

So even tho this video came out forever ago it recently was ‘premiered’ on MTV. Yay! Score another for U-N-I!
And here’s the vid for Desha Dayana available on iTunes here!

Cruel [dream] world

So last night/this morning had a dream that soulful brought 456 thru to visit (shoulda knew it was a dream cuz it would NEVER happen). I was excited and happy. God damn elated I was. Thought it was real. I could feel him. Feel the emotions. Then I awoke. Pitch black. 4am. Destroyed. Miss the little guy. . .

Then I spent the day around 2 bastard ass annoying kids. Showed how much better it was to be with 456 and Jose.

The beggar

Woman you know I love you
Woman you know just how I feel
You try to tell me that you don’t know
When I know you know the deal

Woman you know I love you
Woman you know I care
Hey, You try to say I’m running game
You try to say baby you don’t play fair, oh darling

If there is any doubt in your mind
I want you to be sure
If you don’t ever see me again
I want you to be sure

That I love you, oh girl
Oh baby, I love you
Darling I love you, hey
Oh darling I love you, hey

Turn the lights down low
Turn the lights down low

Oh baby, you got to understand how I feel
You need to understand where I’m coming from
Ain’t no need to be afraid
Ain’t no need to get up and run

Oh darling, oh girl you know I love you
Oh darling, you know I know I love you, oh baby
If you never see me again, I need you to be sure
From this moment right now till for ever more

Said I love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you, baby

Woman I love you
Woman I love you
Woman I love you
Woman I love you

USA and Mexico ousted from 2010 world cup

Sad to see. At least they made it to the knockout rounds. Mexico drew the 2nd ranked team in the world. Tough draw. Shitty defense and missed scoring chances are why they lost (and a terribly missed offsides call on a goal). The US. Wow. After all the BS they had to go thru to get here (refs bending over backwards to screw us) they lost to Ghana again! Again, shitty defense and missed opportunities. Good show

**I picked brazil to take the Cup from jump…

Close to you

Realized today could very well be the last I see of you… Hurts my soul… Ruining my mind

Why do birds suddendly appear,
Everytime you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

**normally in these moods I listen to dark hiphop (think early dame grease production for DMX). Or DOOM. Or rarely some sappy r&b. Today ’twas the carpenters.

***corny? Maybe. Ask me if I care