1st drink(s)

In over a week. At cinespace. Mad white and asian. Where’s all the beaners and blacks?! Oh well. With the homegirl. Guess she’s tight with XV. His performance better not suck. Back to drinking and thinkin bout someone….

**lmao at XV being super short! Lol

**** ok XV is dope I been sleepin (even tho I posted his last mixtape)

* I’m super faded

Drake – You Know You Know

Ok so I’m super diggin this drake song. It’s mostly the beat that sounds like a hyper active megaman or sonic sample. It’s addicting!
Drake – You Know You Know

*this will be the 2nd drake song to make my regular rotation. The 1st being Fear (which somes up my opinion of drake; dope beats and dope hooks, but the same flow on every song. Don’t care for his lyrics)