And just like that I’m going to my first NFL game to see my favorite team. The Denver Broncos (yo ass shoulda knew that tho). Not only that, but it’s a weekend trip, a mini vacation, if you will. Me & Her. Can’t believe it. She did that. All on Her own. Amazing, She is.

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Pride. Strike a balance.

So quick to judge. You ever think about what you’re saying? Why you’ve said it? In the moment it might’ve been how you felt, but that does not always make it ok. It’s actually refreshing when you stand by those words too. But, it’s still wrong. See that. Think about it from BOTH sides. Understand it. I do this. You do this. We all do. Pride, man. It’ll be our downfall.

Too prideful. Not enough. Balance. Everything is about balance. I’m working on my balance.

Is this pattern being repeated? Feels like it. I’ll give it some time to resolve itself. I can only do what’s right for me and hope it falls in line. But the feeling is all too familiar. But then that begs the question whether it really is what’s happening or my mind is tricking me into thinking something because it is “familiar”. Reprogramming the mind is a long and much needed process. I’ll get ahold of what’s really what. Intuition, I still trust you.

Hermes 3000. MintChocolateChip

This is what I got for Xmas. This was far and away the best gift I have ever received. It’s very fitting that SHE was the one to give it to me as well. A grand gesture of Love? I do believe so. She’ll top this too. Whether she knows it or not. She always does. I only hope I can make her feel the way she makes me feel. I venture to think it is an impossible task. That’s not negative either. It just speaks to how truly magical she is.