And just like that I’m going to my first NFL game to see my favorite team. The Denver Broncos (yo ass shoulda knew that tho). Not only that, but it’s a weekend trip, a mini vacation, if you will. Me & Her. Can’t believe it. She did that. All on Her own. Amazing, She is.

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Fast forward and I’m driving to Oakland with Her by my side. Drive wasn’t bad at all. Would’ve better if I had more than just apple slices, but even then, smooth. We arrive early. Find a Mexican spot to fill our empty bellies. There were some not so great things about the food, but it was pretty good overall. Especially the green enchiladas She got. She wins. As she often (read: ALWAYS) does. Head to towards the spot. After some small parking confusion we find the hotel. Pretty damn glorious. Right on the damn water. She wins, again. Our room was nice. She has stayed in better places, but I appreciate the spot She has chosen. She wins, again. First day/night is spent inside. Rest, we needed it. A good first night in my books. And to spend the night alone with my Goddess. Heaven

I surprised her with breakfast in bed. A small surprise that I hope registered with Her, as Her surprises have been monumental. We catch the ferry to San Francisco. She looked amazing in the sun. I was taken aback by the beauty that I was witnessing all day. It was as much as seeing new sights, architecture, and art, as it was to see her glow. Once we got to SF there was no plan. And that was the best plan. She was quite the tour guide. A tiny train museum, a lovely unassuming book store, a bar, union square, 2 galleries (one with more of a local presence, the other with HUGE names and absolute classic works). Her ability to sniff these places out was surely innate. My life and travel partner. She wins, again. Now about the Martin Lawrence Gallery (big names…), I got to witness 2 or 3 of my all-time favorite Murikami pieces! Along with the countless Ertz pieces, Warhol’s, AND THE PICASSOS! (there was plenty more, PLENTY MORE). But one particular Picasso stood out. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen from the man. And one that truly resonated with my Love(r). One that looked like She belonged in. The pink on the leaves of the tree matched the rosy hue of Her cheeks when She shyly smiles at me. I won’t even get into all the amazing shots She got. She’s got real talent. It was a truly amazing day. Then we get back to Oakland and we go to dinner. And GEEZ!! This place, Forge, had the absolute best music playing the entire time. And the Fat Boy pizza? Jesus. The pizza served its purpose, MAKING THE FAT BOY BETTER! Back to the hotel for some more R&R.

Sunday is here and FARMERS MARKET! It was a small, quaint affair, but nice. I came away with some local honey and salmon jerky. She got some pinklady apples. We also had the most delightful tacos! And refreshing aguas frescas. Enjoyed some more sun and the view. Then the party time was starting! TO THE GAME WE GO! After finding parking and having to return the camera to the car (which pissed me off cuz I saw cameras inside. LET MY BABY WORK smh). We were inside the stadium and let me tell you, SHE GOT THE BEST EFFING SEATS POSSIBLE! We were sitting on the east end of the stadium (I think) on the 30/35 yard line!!! Amazing angle. Oh, LOWER SECTION! She wins, again. It was a lovely sunny day. Not too hot. And we had an amazing view. It was awesome watching Peyton throw passes to Demaryius, Julius, Decker, Ball, Moreno, etc. LIVE! Orchestrating the offense, beauty. And there She was right next to me. This is/was ALL because of Her. Simply amazing. I thought Peyton would play in the 2nd half because he was close to the single season passing yards record, but NOPE! Cuz the raiders are haters they didn’t announce that her broke the record (BY 1 FREAKING YARD) on the 5 yard quick out for a TD to Demaryius Thomas. I called that too! Saw Ball lined up wide and DT in the slot, said A QUICK OUT FOR A TD. AND BAM!! Saw 4 Td’s from the Broncos. All threw the air. Demaryius’ first was on a bomb up the seam he took to the house. In the first quarter Moreno and Decker both caught some short passes in the red zone. *MILE HIGH SAULTE* The 2nd half was mostly a battle of attrition with the Broncos backups against the raider starters. Raiders scored 2 touchdowns and that sucked. But it was STILL very enjoyable to see. The field did look much smaller in person. The players still looked large. The raiders fans were mostly cool. We had zero trouble with them and I don’t believe I witnessed anything malicious. And then it was time to go home. And She played some AMAZING music on the way back. What a fucking trip. She is the most amazing, perfect human being to grace this earth. And She is by my side. I win, thanks fo Her, again. I AM OVER THE MOON!!!

Thank You, Love.

Ps there’s a bunch I left out too. But those memories are for me and Her ❤


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