Wale on Juan Ep

So Wale was on Juan Ep. Get that. Wale said (or maybe Rosenberg) that people still see him as the asshole from 6 years ago. I STILL hear that about him. Even a first hand account that was much sooner than 6 years ago. Get your act right buddy. Calling complex over being left off one of their 19283737378 stupid ass lists ain’t helpin.

Now, I used to be a HUGE Wale fan. I heard about him like late 05. That Go-Go shit is what drew me to him. Then he abandoned it. And got mad when people wanted that. Fam. YOU came out and said you was doing this for Go-Go and for the world to recognize then switched up and got mad when we got mad. Think about that. Smh. Oh, Wale. What a tangled web you continue to weave yourself.