Ms Hill

Lauryn Hill was like the most beautifulist thing in the world. And no MC or Sainger could fuck wit her. Before she went around lookin like a clown she was beautiful. and now she refuses to let us be have a feeling of being fulfilled by her talents. so sad. I hope she is happy, cuz im not not, well at least when it comes to her. Where art thou Ms. Hill?

**links later…

I play fair like rollercoasters and clowns

-4/4 i’m seein U-N-I, 4/21 its Glow in the Dark Bitches!!
lil wayne is gettin worse and worse
-rappers goin to jail and shit is getting outta control
-Dr.Dre 2001 is THEE shit…still
Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group is hot and I encourage you to download it and tell a friend and to tell a friend to download it.
-Buy Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple it’s great
-I give up on Saigon
-And if you can’t sing don’t. These MF’s tryin to are killin me

I hate this

I’d rather have another seizure than to keep takin these meds. Got my head spinnin, my gums hurt, saps my energy, and I gotta take these bitches 3 times a day. This is wack. Ican only imagine the shit other ppl gotta go thru. At least the NCAA’s is on! Go UNC!

*side note: new weezy = do-do butter