So the HAWKS! are 2-2 with the Celtics! They could easily be 3-1, or win out the series. I hope they do. I’ve always said that J-Smoove not going top 10 in the draft some years back was ridiculous. Now look! He’s the all-around threat I predicted, with his passing, handle and shoot all vastly improving. JJ is turning into the superstar as well. These 2 should form a sick duo for years. Not mention the supporting cat with Marvin Williams and Josh Childress. They still need a long term point and a center, but Horford can do all the big man work for now.

Inspired by hugh at SOP.

a serious WTF!

‘Fuck the police that’s how I treat em, we buy our way outta jail but we can’t buy freedom.’

Ye was so right. And now Sean Bell’s death is once again in vien. RIP my brotha. This is the shit I’m talkin bout man. wtf! Emmett Till, Rodney King, now Sean Bell. There are much more but these are landmark. How much longer is this gonna happen? Forever is my guess. The 2nd biggest gang in America will always prevail. The police. The 1st is even worse, the gov’ment. People always be like ‘why u say Fuck the police‘ hhhmm I wonder. They take us out anyway they can. No uniforms and not identifying they self and only suspect that one person is holdin, but they dump 51 shells(31 by one officer wtf!!!) after 1 cat who aint do shit, or have shit. What a fuckin’ country we live in, where they get acquitted for that shit. And the mutha fuckin judge says the witnesses (2 who got hit with those shots) didn’t sound credible and make no sense. MF I outta knock some into u and those piggies via my own 51 shots! Fuck the police! That’s how I see em/ we buy our way outta jail but WE CAN’T BUY FREEDOM!

Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack And THE GOVERNMENT get paid off of all of that

I am the American dream/The rape of Africa/The undying machine/The overpriced medicine/The murderous regime/The tough guy’s front/And the one behind the scenes (lemme put you on game)