The cleanse

Mind body and soul
Body, from a physical stand point, will be the easiest. Ridding myself of the toxins I rejected before but currently have no problem taking in.

Mind and soul; a journey that is never complete. But a task I must take ahold of stronger than ever before. I mustn’t be content with how far I’ve come when I’ve yet so far to go. I should use my progress as a benchmark and a quiet victory in the battle within the entire landscape of the war; I have only scratched the surface.

I was just in a state of deep relaxation. Eyes closed. Not a thought in mind. Deep controlled breathing. *knock knock knock*. I’m at work. Surely this man thought I was sleeping. The 30minutes that passed felt like 1. I need more of this. To continue to push forward to where I want and NEED to be.

My growth hit a bit of a stand still. Entirely my fault. I’ll be back on track. I am on track.

Ryshon Jones – The Example


The song is about being inspired by new motivations in life, and proving the statistics wrong.You can either go against the statistics or be one,with the goal to set an example to be something in life,but the complex is the unpromised dream me and others chase.] Its off of the In Theory project which drops December 11th,just like the previous leaked songs off In Theory this song will have a complete diffrent sound on the project.Hope you all that are in NY and NJ and etc are keeping safe in this storm as well

Ryshon Jones – The Example prod by Sean Ledford