And just like that I’m going to my first NFL game to see my favorite team. The Denver Broncos (yo ass shoulda knew that tho). Not only that, but it’s a weekend trip, a mini vacation, if you will. Me & Her. Can’t believe it. She did that. All on Her own. Amazing, She is.

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I had a 4 day (unpaid 😦 ) weekend, so I took a sort of mini holiday (that’s vacation to ‘Mercia). I had a lovely thanksgiving (more like Lovesgiving). But it was really a phenominal 4 days. A sign of the future, in many ways. Something to strive for, work at, look forward to. Many sacrifices must be made. And I will make them. But the time, well, it was just perfect.

**i was gonna use Styles P “Holiday” but Madonna was much more appropriate for a number of reasons 😉



The same forces responsible for this beauty are the same forces responsible for yours.
When you smile?
You take my soul.
I’m nothing but yours.
Beauty isn’t just what you are.
It’s WHO you are
They say beauty only runs skin deep
Well that’s because they can only see the surface.
Beauty starts from the soul and works it’s way out
It doesn’t start from the outside to work it’s way inward
You are the physical manifestation of the beauty of the soul.
Your soul.
You connect the dots of the true holy trinity: the mind body & spirit.
Making each day brighter with your thoughts. Your smile. Your YOU
you cannot teach wisdom. You can only share it.
You give & share with us your all.
I am only grateful.

3rd Time’s The Charm

(Wrote this a while ago. Thought I’d finally let it breathe. BUT there will be a new edit of this. Who knows if you’ll ever get to read it.)

The 3rd time is the charm
I’m afraid I won’t get to check the validity of the statement.
I’m scared to find out if my time is even worth spending on finding the truth in the cliche.
I’m terrified that I’ll be torn to no end in seeking the accuracy of the idiom.
Most of all, I fear what will happen if I stand by and do nothing.
Chasing the dream.
Taking action
Forging reality into my own
The worst part is it’s not all in my hands
You weren’t ready.
Might still not be.
So I must walk the tightrope with no safety net.
Fate in my hands.
Risk my heart for the reward
Leap of faith?
More like
A leap of Love.