Beautiful monsters

I’m embarking I a new writing journey. Trying to write from a new perspective that’s a bit foreign to me. Hope it comes to me as easy as everything else. This is the first piece in this adventure. (After the cut)


There are much eloquent and imaginative words to describe your look and your curves. But when I’m standing in front of my wet, naked woman, also wet & naked, harder than a diamond, I cannot bring them about. My mind is in a lusty trance. The Love we share only deepens and sharpens that state. Longing to come together as 1 orgasmic being. On a euphoric pleasure filled ride. Where our minds cease to function and our bodies take control. Souls intertwined. Love manifested in the most physical of ways. Yet and still, the pleasure is every bit mental as it is physical. Only we are not thinking. We are speaking through actions. Giving. Sharing. Relenting. Submitting. Dominating. Empowering. Even after we climax and we regain our other senses. The Love continues. Deeper & stronger. It can be as complex making fuck in the shower. Or as simple as grabbing each other’s hands as we walk down the street. Clinging on for dear life; as if we were to let go, we’d lose the other. It’s the touch. Your touch. My touch. Where Love transforms us into beautiful monsters longing to never separate.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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