And just like that I’m going to my first NFL game to see my favorite team. The Denver Broncos (yo ass shoulda knew that tho). Not only that, but it’s a weekend trip, a mini vacation, if you will. Me & Her. Can’t believe it. She did that. All on Her own. Amazing, She is.

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Pride. Strike a balance.

So quick to judge. You ever think about what you’re saying? Why you’ve said it? In the moment it might’ve been how you felt, but that does not always make it ok. It’s actually refreshing when you stand by those words too. But, it’s still wrong. See that. Think about it from BOTH sides. Understand it. I do this. You do this. We all do. Pride, man. It’ll be our downfall.

Too prideful. Not enough. Balance. Everything is about balance. I’m working on my balance.