Thanksgiving building

Now that Nelson Waters (& toobad) got beats, we on our way. Communication man!! And it took for me to be there and facilitate it all. Niggas need to get on they game. I can’t do everything (although soon I WILL be doing everything, at least attempting to).

Let us not forget bobby upcoming project that we may have a hand in. But really I fux wit Tee on a personal level. He’s the oldest young nigga I know. I fux wit him though. His head is in the right place (mostly. Cuz we slave to the vanity). I’ll also add him to the list of ppl that have faith in me. He motivated me a bit. He sees my aim even if he pokes fun.

I haven’t spoke with the kid fresco on that level for minute. Although, Idk that I’m ready to divulge the chaotic madness that occupies my mind.

And Danni? Well. She’s Danni.

Can’t forgot whiteness. She’s rides hard for the kid. I can’t express how much I appreciate that. Not mention she invited me to spend thanksgiving with teddy and her fam.