Sunglasses and Advil

Day one. Danni made tacos. I started drinkin. Fresco showed up. We continued drinking. We had a visitor. Me and fresco had subliminal convos. There was a huge conflict. I literally went from mega drunk to super sober. I wasn’t completely on fresco side about handling said conflict. Eventually after several shouting matches and everyone shedding tears and pushing friendships to the brink. All was well.

Day 2. I decided I’m cooking. So fresca and Danni were gonna benefit from my impulse. Home made chicken Alfredo. Sauce from scratch. Well seasoned baked chicken lol. And fettuccini pasta.
Shit was FLAMES. UFC fight. JDS fucked Cain’s world in one minute. Crazy.
Pacq/Marquez. Marquez got super robbed. You dumbasses still think manny can fuck with floyd? Stop it.
Then liquor. Ever drink half a bottle of vodka in 2 hours? I did. And 2 hours after that? CHOCOLATE WASTED. But fresco tho?! This nigga was super duper chocolate wasted.

Day 3. Rest (kinda). Fresco was super vibin to my “death” playlist lol. Recovery (kinda). And football. Her quick thank you meant a lot to me. Even if I didn’t really acknowledge it. Now headed home.

There’s A LOT of details left to myself. And that’s where they’ll stay.