In my heart

You know. Way back when. During the split. As we grew apart, me and 45-tudda got closer. But I didn’t look to him to fill any void. He just seemed to come to me. Coincidently. Or maybe he just knew. Cuz when I told him I was leaving, he was confused cuz he knew my feelings for YOU! But he literally kept me sane. That kid stole my heart from day 1. And I know I keep saying it but fuck it. He is my dude forever! He was so much smarter than we gave him credit for. One day when I was crying like a bitch. He came over gave me a hug and asked why I was crying. Like an adult. Fuckin amazing he is. God how I miss him (and you, kinda lol). 45-tudda, you are one of my life long inspirations. I love you little nigga! Even tho you’ll never know it.

My favorite song of 2010


By far my favorite song of 2010. Recorded in 09 and technically never officially released. Supposed to be on Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School (which is fuckin awesome). The beat is incredible. But coming from Ski, you expect no less. The stand out? Mos Def. Again. You expect no less. Even more chilling is that I loved the song when I FIRST heard. But then after ‘the situation’ (no jersey shore). It was like he was speaking on my situation directly. Crazy right? Life imitating art and such.

**I’m prolly gonna continue ‘2010 favs’ and I’m definitely gonna forget a lot of my fav songs and albums of the year *shrugs*