YG + Nipsey Hussle – “FDT” (FUCK DONALD TRUMP)

I missed some shit cuz I was stuck training someone yesterday. I need a raise. But shouts to Steve-O. He still holdin it down. The street need this. Hopefully Bernie walks out to this joint at the next debate or rally or whatever
YG + Nipsey Hussle – “FDT” (FUCK DONALD TRUMP)

Beyonce released an album?

My take on the beyonce album release.

First, this was always planned. Like Kanye & Jay, releasing quickly with little warning and not much promo. But they saw where Kanye and Jay fumbled and took it to another level. They said instead of announcing it and dropping it, we just gonna drop it (like it’s hot, I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist.). When Kanye and Jay announced the albums? The world went apeshit. But they had time to settle down and they didn’t do as well as projected. By dropping Bey’s album last night seemingly out of thin air? They got to capitalize on the initial buzz and extra buys, in that way. Snap reaction. And they’ll be a proper single and all that shit too so the public at large will all eventually have their chance to know Beyonce has a new album and they need to consume it. Another reason this is and going to be more popular? She has a much wider demographic than hiphop. While we tend to believe Kanye and Jay transcend the genre, the reality is that they are black rapperers and they’ll never “transcend” the genre the way a white rapperer does (eminem). Not to mention the hiphop community has a real problem supporting their own and treats our products as disposable as diapers. Beyonce gets the hiphop crowd. R&B. & Pop. That’s 3 fuckin genres. And despite the fact that I hear she’s gone raunchy on the subject matter. Unsuspecting white folks gonna consume her music because she’s the IT black women for whites to be “hip” to. They’re “down with that brown (ass).” Not to mention the gay market. Jesus, THE GAY MARKET! The problem will be when lesser artists try and emulate this type of no hype releases and get, *dun dun dun* NO HYPE! Very smart ploy though. The internets are on fire and I imagine they will be for more than just today. This is Beyonce. People will keep the word of mouth going one way or another. Good job guys. Sorry Jay, you wearin your girl chain now. “Got the hottest middle-aged rapper in the game, wearin my rang”

And the day keeps getting worse

So I just lost a close friend to some bullshit. Her nigga was definitely trolling her Tweeter TL. Guess our “flirty” talk was too much… Smh. … I wonder did she ever tell him the truth about “US”. Bet not. Oh well. She done chose up. More than once. I know you been workin hard and I hope you get everything you’ve worked for. I love you babygirl. It’s too bad our road has been cut short and our past is filled with regret. It is what it is.

Niggas gon be bitches and a bitch can’t stand on her own 2.
Good luck.

* it’s not even 12 yet! Wtf!


11:08pm est. 8:08pm pst. Peace be with you brother.

I heard about this in 08 and chose to ignore it. I sincerely apologize. I’d also like to thank Big Boi of outkast for using his image and status as an outlet to bring information to the people.

Your freedom isn’t free. Your rights aren’t guaranteed. Remember that. Remember this. Beyond today. No matter the final outcome.

I am Troy Davis
I am Sean Bell
I am Oscar Grant
We are each other

Manny over mosley

I lost ALL respect for Shane. The kid fought with NO heart NO pride. He said himself he wasn’t gonna take ANY risks. No risk no reward. And he got destroyed for it. He does NOT deserve that fine piece of ass for a GF. On the other hand manny dominated. He wouldn’t have got that 3rd rd knockdown if Shane had balance when he was hit; wouldve only been stunned. But it’s all in the game. And then when shane scored that bogus knockdown in the 10th? Manny tried to finish Shane after to prove a point. Heart of a champ. All respect and glory to the Pac Man. But the fight was a wack one. Fuck you mosley.

*still say Floyd hands it to manny. Manny was very sloppy last night and floyd woulda made him pay.
**smh @ vasquez jr’s corner. Throw in the towel? Family. His dad needs to let his son grow as a fighter. Love got in the way. Plus he was dodging and throwing still. Cmon man.

Real quick

Sometimes posts have underlying meaning. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they’re about you. Sometimes you may think they’re about you but you’re wrong. Sometimes I’m speaking from a fantasy world that really has nothin to do with anything. Sometimes I just rather enjoy a song or lyric. You have no clue tho.

*example: the ‘you’ in this post? It’s directed at NO ONE in particular