Music memory

Smell is supposed to evoke the strongest memories. Well I can’t smell. And prolly never will again. BUT music evokes some very strong memories for me. The first time I heard a song what I was doin. Or how a song reminds me of a moment in life (me and Ted always have moments when we doin somethin and we say it feels like were in “(insert song)”.) some songs had moments that were replaced. Some songs have several memories attached.

Example Cody Chesnutt – No One Will (which i’ve posted 16383 times) will NOW and FOREVER be linked to ‘the slow dance’. Rightfully so, as it is one of my favorite and most perfect moments/memories in life. Amazing. /poeticwaxing

So I’ll be posting songs and the memory behind them. But only as they randomly come to me. No forcing. The inspiration is that recently I’ve been singing (out loud and in my head) songs I literally haven’t heard in years. And thinking about why or what connotation the song has to me.

This song doesn’t have a grand moment attached I have just loved it since I first heard it in 05 (original Jeanius leak). If anything It reminds me of 2007 when I first started working at the internets company. When I rediscovered it one night. I effn love this song. And Jean Grae (yummy…)

Merry Bday

To my auntie. Hope your soul has found peace. You are missed dearly.

Another year another memory:
When I was young my auntie asked what I wanna be when I grow up. I said pro ball player (basketball). She told me I was stupid too small and it’d never happen. I was def down after hearing that. Then she told me to follow my dreams no matter anyone says. Even her. To go after whatever is I want. I may fail but I still have to put forth my best efforts. Tore me down, then lifted me right back up. I love you.