Open Mike Eagle – Raps For When It’s Just You and The Abyss

The gawd Mike Eagle is bout to drop a new EP. About this joint he says: “i have abandonment issues. i almost called it that. produced by lo-phi. shout out to broken social scene. shout out to method man”
Open Mike Eagle – Raps For When It’s Just You and The Abyss

Week 49

Exactly 3 weeks away from 1 year. Can’t even believe it. But I can. It was gonna be something on my mind nonstop regardless. But now it seems as though the universe is making sure I’m constantly reminded. You’ve been brought up by more people than I can remember this month. I have had 3 in-depth conversations about you. No matter what I say, people seem to have an optimism about us, still. it’s weird. But I’m not any “ism”. I’m just here. You’re just there. Wherever that is. I’ve realized so many fucking things. Still growing up. But we’ll see where we land. I’m willing to bet we continue on separate paths. It’d be nice to cross again though. I just won’t be hoping for anything. I’ll just be existing. To our existence *holds tea up* cheers, Love