Quadron + KING @ Bootleg hi-fi


So after missing both Quadron and KING several times. Shit even having tickets to there shows and still missing em. I FINALLY saw em both. And glory tho the BasedGod they were on the same bill. It was magical. Quadron’s Avalanche album was quietly the music that carried me thru every morning of deep depression. Coco was much more amazing then the beautiful recordings can display. I do believe they started with Sea Salt. 2nd song was LFT and Jesus what a way to start off. They only did 2 songs from the 2009 self titled album. But they did do that amazing Baby Be Mine cover. And end with a Danish song. Awesome blossom.
KING was killer. A lot of people left after Quadron, those people are idiots. I spent most of the set staring at Paris. Besides being ultra talented on those keys and TALKBOX and background vocals. She’s hot. Their new songs sound AMAZING. and the biggest pop of their set was clearly for Hey. It was wonderful to finally see them live.

Sidebar: it was so not surprising to have a dream about You after this show. The dream was very pleasant, that was maybe the surprising part. Might put this one in the déjà vu bank. Well I hope so cuz I never know which ones are gonna come true. Or how far down the line they will come to life